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Formed by singer/songwriter Jonah Reuben, we have been playing our unique style of Christian music through different venues and organizations for several years. We believe that Christian music should be more about ministry than just entertainment. Our greatest desire is to have the opportunity to bring God's message of spiritual renewal and revival to our listeners. We believe that God wants a strong, rock-like Church so powerful that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.
We use contemporary style music, scripture, and life experiences to exhort and build up the Body of Christ and we are available to minister at your church, youth group or special event. For booking contact: accidentalproffit@gmail.com

What others say about Accidental Proffit:

“Accidental Proffit use their music to minister to those in need. They have given awesome concerts in coffee houses and other local venues in the Omaha area. Jonah is a gifted singer-songwriter with a heart for getting God's word spread throughout the community. I would highly recommend Jonah and Accidental Proffit for your next community, or church event.” - Cheri McLaughlin of Creative Design –

“Jonah Reuben’s songs always make me nod my head, and often remind me of places where the sun shines warm on the sand. Jonah’s bold message challenges complacency and apathy in the community of faith, moving the listener to wake up and engage.”
- Daniel Christian, Nashville recording artist–

"Accidental Proffit has provided us with a powerful word. 'Living In Babylon' is an outstanding CD! Unabashed in its message. They present the truth in an unvarnished manner straight away, taking no prisoners. My favorite track? Daniel's Prayer. What a powerful story!" -Alan Black, AB Productions, Omaha, Ne. -

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